Nerd Nutrition

Nerd Nutrition is a home bakery that produces low carb, keto, sugar free treats. Nerd Nutrition also does regular baked items with unique flavor combinations. These unique flavor combinations are known to be in Nerd Nutrition’s cakes and cupcakes. At the Pumpkin Fest, look for cupcakes, cheesecake cones maybe something new.  

Mama V’s Ropes and More

Vanessa of Mama V’s Ropes makes western home decor from used roping ropes with several different designs and ideas are always changing. No two projects are ever the same. Lamps, wreaths, rope angels, etc.  Vanessa, also sell Dusti Rhoads Nails. Dusti Rhoads Nails are a small ranch family owned company from NE. Nail strips forContinue reading “Mama V’s Ropes and More”